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The outbreak of COVID-19 has forced university language courses worldwide to go online, making Conversifi more important than ever. Conversifi is supporting over 50,000 student exchanges and helping to keep human connections going throughout the semester. As demand goes up, we're here to help you add Conversifi to your curriculum or to expand your usage.  



New Modules


For Spanish Learners:

  • PRI - Discusión: Coronavirus (121137)

  • INT - Discusión: Coronavirus (122138)

  • INT - Discusión: Coronavirus (pasado) (122139)

  • INT - Discusión: Las clases presenciales vs. online (122140)

  • INT - Discusión: Mantener la calma durante el coronavirus (122141)

  • AVA - Discusión: El coronavirus y la economía (123124)

  • AVA - Discusión: Comparando sistemas de sanidad (123125)

For English Learners:

  • BEG - Discussion: COVID-19 (111110)

  • BEG - Discussion: COVID-19 (past tense) (111111)

  • BEG - Discussion: In-person vs. Online Courses (111112)

  • INT - Discussion: Staying calm during the coronavirus (112136)

  • ADV - Discussion: COVID-19 and the Economy (113110)

  • ADV - Discussion: Comparing Healthcare Systems (113109)

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