Language Immersion: On-Demand


Conversifi connects foreign language learners with native speakers for on-demand language practice and cross-cultural exchange over video chat.


We believe immersion, alongside formal instruction, is the best way to master another language and learn about another culture. Conversations on Conversifi are based on customized immersion modules that track, complement and reinforce learners’ offline or online course curricula.


Language students and faculty alike are lauding our cutting-edge approach.


We’re on a mission to make language immersion and exchange accessible to everyone on a consistent basis in order to increase cross-cultural understanding and make the world a less violent and more innovative place.


Conversifi was founded in 2017. Cofounders Steven Krubiner and Kate Liburdi met as classmates and friends at MIT. Both multi-lingual entrepreneurs, Krubiner has dedicated his career to advancing international conflict resolution and cross-cultural understanding. Liburdi has successfully built and led large scale tech initiatives at startups and corporations and got her start as a language teacher.


How it works




Conversifi is a language exchange platform that offers an affordable option for all. Students earn Conversifi tokens for coaching their native language and spend tokens practicing their target language. Tokens can be earned or purchased. Students who wish to work for Conversifi can apply to be paid-coaches and cash-out their tokens, offering students a cost-neutral option.




Conversifi is designed to augment formal language learning. We offer immersion modules that map to your syllabus and textbook so that users are discussing topics that are relevant to what they're already studying. Detailed reports and video recordings make Conversifi easy to integrate into any course outline so that everyone benefits.




With packed calendars and different time zones, who has time to schedule these days? Conversifi is on-demand so that users can log on and start practicing when it's most convenient. They simply select their target language, the immersion module they want to practice, and the country from where they'd like their coach to originate and they're connected in no time at all. 

  1. communication

  2. culture

  3. Connection

  4. comparison

  5. community

With Conversifi, students engage in the five C's in the first five minutes. And Conversifi creates a sixth C...

6. Convenience


- American Student

Student Testimonials

“The impact it makes is crucial - what you learn in class is completely irrelevant if you don't practice speaking with someone. Book Spanish is hardly the same as actual conversational Spanish.”

Karen Mazanec

English Professor

Tec de Monterrey - CDMX


"Students tell me that they sign up for my classes because they know that I build live language exchange into the curriculum. Virtual immersion is a fantastic way to show students the value and relevance of studying another language and culture. I expect that the more we incorporate activities like Conversifi into our syllabi, the more students we'll see enrolling in language courses."

Francisco Martinez Ibarra

Assoc Prof of Span Linguistics

Towson University

"My students have a good time with Conversifi. They are learning new vocabulary, are excited about the opportunity every weekend we have a session, and particularly love the fact that they have a chance to take risks using the language. Also, when they are coaching they like to see they are not the only ones struggling with a language."

María Manni

Spanish Senior Lecturer &

Lang. Teaching Coordinator,

U of MD Baltimore County

"I always wanted to provide the opportunity to apply what was learned and practiced in class in an authentic, intercultural, and communicative task. The results provided me with a much more realistic assessment of the students' skills and with the satisfaction of having a class experience that provides authentic experiences irrespective of students' available time, financial resources, or connections. I’m looking forward to incorporating Conversifi as a formative practice and assessment tool throughout the curriculum."


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